[petsc-dev] Apply for Google Summer of Code 2023?

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Feb 3 13:30:58 CST 2023

Dear PETSc developers,

in order to attract students to PETSc development, I'm thinking about a 
PETSc application for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023:

The org application deadline is February 7, i.e. in 4 days. This 
application is - roughly speaking - a form with a state of intent and a 
justification why the project is a good fit for GSoC. I've done this in 
the past (~2010-12) and can do the paperwork again this year.

What is required:
  - PETSc developers, who are willing to act as mentors throughout the 
  - A few good project ideas (e.g. MATDENSE for GPUs) for 
contributors/students to work on

It used to be that new organizations will get at most 2 contributor 
slots assigned. That's fair, because one must not underestimate the 
effort that goes into mentoring.

Thoughts? Shall we apply (yes/no)? If yes, are you willing to be mentor? 
The more mentors, the better; it underlines the importance of the 
project and indicates that contributors will find a good environment.

Thanks and best regards,

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