[petsc-dev] PETSc support for Ukraine

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Fri Apr 8 22:47:21 CDT 2022

Dear PETSc community,

The DOE Office of Science has offered to supplement current projects to support collaboration and hosting of students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists who have been impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. This can include support via European universities. Details are in this letter: https://www.osti.gov/appdata/sc/UkraineDCL.pdf

* If you are an eligible student, postdoctoral researcher, or scientist, please write petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov (the private list) briefly explaining your situation and expertise. We will try to match you with a host. You may also write a potential host directly and write us jointly.

* If you are at a European university and willing to host an impacted student, postdoctoral researcher, or scientist from Ukraine to work on PETSc, please reply here or email petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov briefly describing your area.

Please share this call with students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists who may be candidates for support.

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