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The Program Description has been updated to introduce a new project class on “Transition to Sustainability.” This solicitation welcomes Elements, Framework Implementations, and Transition to Sustainability proposals.

The description of the “Framework Implementations” class has been revised to encourage proposals for sharable and reusable multi-disciplinary cyberinfrastructure.
A new “CI Professional Mentoring and/or Professional Development Plan” requirement has been introduced.
Proposals may now include requests for high-throughput computing resources through the Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh) project supported by NSF.
The Programmatic Areas of Interest section has been revised to reflect the most recent programmatic priority areas for the collaborating NSF directorates and divisions with respect to the CSSI solicitation. PIs are strongly encouraged to contact program officer(s) from the list of Cognizant Program Officers in the division(s) that typically support the scientists and engineers who would make use of the proposed cyberinfrastructure, to gain insight into the priorities for the relevant areas of science and engineering to which their proposals may be responsive.

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