[petsc-dev] NVIDIA licensing

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Fri Sep 3 06:48:49 CDT 2021


Matthew (cc'ed) and I are going to start working on an AMGx interface in
PETSc, PCAMGX, and I suggested that he may want to think about moving the
core AMG PC code into PETSC as a built-in PC.

1) We would have to decide of we want the maintenance burden of moving the
whole thing in, but we will probably start with a 3rd party library unless
this move starts looking like a really good idea. We have not started to
really dig into this.

2) NVIDIA's lawyers have some thoughts that we will need to address even
with a 3rd party library (I know Hypre has this license notification and
LLNL seems happy with what we did).

First, Mathew says that this process "can open the door to us helping with
PETSc more generally."

I will just quote the rest of Mathews' message:


*I can see you don't add license notifications to the headers of the source
files, but this tends to be the approach we take for copyright. I'm also
not sure there is a very good alternative?*

*Instead of the monolithic copying of the full BSD-2 license with the
NVIDIA copyright (which I appreciate might not be desirable), would it be a
suitable compromise if we used the SPDX identifier, which looks like:*

*// Copyright (c) 1991-2021, NVIDIA. All rights reserved.*
*// Copyright (c) 1991-2021, UChicago Argonne, LLC and the PETSc
Development Team. All rights reserved.*

*// SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-clause*

*This would be for the main source files that we make any significant
contributions to or author. I would be interested to hear your thoughts /
ideas on this.*
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