Pierre Jolivet pierre at joliv.et
Mon Oct 25 02:22:13 CDT 2021

I think I’m asking too much of test harness, but is there a way to automatically deactivate a test when running with VALGRIND=1 without having to play around with PETSC_RUNNING_ON_VALGRIND in the code?
I see the variable PETSCTEST_VALGRIND, but it seems rather static and set depending on PETSC_ARCH.
So even if there is src/snes/tutorials/ex19.c:     requires: defined(PETSC_USE_LOG) !defined(PETSCTEST_VALGRIND), 
Running make -f gmakefile test s='snes*logviewmemory' VALGRIND=1 on my machine (without valgrind in the PETSC_ARCH) gets the test going.


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