[petsc-dev] libpetsc.so: undefined references

Antonio T. sagitter sagitter at fedoraproject.org
Sat Oct 2 11:14:39 CDT 2021

Yes, i noted. Previous PETSc's versions worked with that flag, but the 
3.16.0 no longer.

On 10/2/21 17:48, Stefano Zampini wrote:
> The issue is that you have --with-cxxlib-autodetect=0 in your configure 
> log, so PETSc skip appending lstdc++ to the list of libraries used to 
> link the shared library.
> If you don't care, just remove the configure flag

I'm removing '-std=[c/gnu]++17'

On 10/2/21 17:38, Jacob Faibussowitsch wrote:
 > Can you try the following?
 > In $PETSC_DIR/$PETSC_ARCH/lib/petsc/conf/petscvariables there are two
 > -lstdc++ to both of them and re-run your make command with verbose 
 > $ make all V=1
 > $ make check
 > P.S. There is no longer a need to set -std=[c/gnu]++17 in your own
 > flags; configure will detect up to c++17. For gnu-ish compilers
 > (gcc/clang) it will try to use gnu extensions — in fact if you search
 > for ‘checkCxxDialect' in you configure.log, you’ll see it appropriately
 > selects gnu++17.

Thank you all.
Antonio Trande
Fedora Project
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