[petsc-dev] [DocTip!] #3 CI docs build and preview

Patrick Sanan patrick.sanan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 09:09:52 CDT 2021

All MRs now build all the documentation. This is done with the
"docs-review" job (defined in .gitlab-ci.yml ) . There is special logic
associated with the "docs-only" label: if you add this to your MR, the
usual heavy library tests will be skipped, and the docs will be built
without you having to manually "un-pause" the pipelines each time you
update the MR.

Jed showed us a nice approach where the results of this build are deployed
to GitLab pages, allowing us to use a "Review App" to see the documentation
build corresponding to the MR branch.

Practically, this allows you to simply click "view app" on the MR page and
you'll be taken to a complete version of the site (as on petsc.org).

You may still want to build the docs locally if you want to iterate (more)
quickly, as this allows you to quickly regenerate them after making changes
(as opposed to the many minutes docs-review takes), and keep open a web
browser pointing to your local build.

Unfortunately, I don't know a simple way to reliably preview a single .rst
file (as you might be used to from working with some Markdown-based tools).
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