[petsc-dev] links from manual pages to users manual

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Tue May 25 15:58:56 CDT 2021

   Now that the users manual is html and we can properly link into it, it would be great to have links from the manual pages to appropriate locations in the users manual. For example SNESSetFunction.html would have a link to the generated Spinx location where SNESSetFunction is discussed.

   How do we go about doing this? 

   Not only is this useful for users but when developers are fixing/improving a manual page it would be nice if they had a way to jump directly to the appropriate place in the xxx.rst that that discusses the manual page to check that that material is also up-to-date and correct. So I guess we need a way to link to the correct place in the .rst and the generated .html



In the old users manual I had it rigged to have a link to the manual page for every occurrence of a word that had a manual page in the users manual. Is that feature lost now? Is there anyway to bring it back?

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