[petsc-dev] Prediscusion of appropriate communication tool for discussion of PETSc 4 aka the Grand Refactorization

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Thu Jun 18 23:48:53 CDT 2020

I would prefer this mailing list or GitLab issues because they are

1. genuinely open to external participants,
2. more async-friendly for those in different timezones and folks with young kids, and
3. searchable and externally linkable (e.g., from merge requests and issues)

If we need synchronous breakouts, we could do so, but there should be a summary back for those who couldn't participate synchronously.

Barry Smith <bsmith at petsc.dev> writes:

>    I'd like to start a discussion of PETSc 4.0 aka the Grand Refactorization but to have that discussion we need to discuss what tool to use for that discussion. 
>    So this discussion is not about PETSc 4.0, please don't discuss it here.
>    What do people recommend to use for the discussion
>       * dedicated mailing list
>       * slack channel(s)
>       * zulip channel(s)
>       * something else?
>   I'd like a single tool that anyone can join at any time, see the full history, can attach files, search, not cost more money the we are already paying, etc.
>   I expect this discussion to take maybe a week and then the actual discussion to take on the order of two months.
>    Thanks
>      Barry

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