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Matthew Knepley knepley at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 20:19:54 CDT 2020

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 7:38 PM Jacob Faibussowitsch <jacob.fai at gmail.com>

> Hello All,
> Having recently had to assist a coworker in setting up a petsc install on
> windows and running into a whole host of issues with getting Cygwin and an
> overly aggressive windows defender (of all things) to play nice I
> discovered WSL, specifically WSL2. With regards to ease-of-use and install
> time, WSL2 was by far easier to do than Cygwin. The only out of the
> ordinary step required was turning on virtualization in the BIOS but this
> seems like it is not a common step, and after installing an ubuntu distro
> it was smooth sailing.
> The only performance hiccup that I have so far encountered when using WSL2
> is that I/O performance when pulling from the windows filesystem in
> /mnt/c/foo/bar is somewhat slower than just moving files within the VM
> itself, but in my opinion this is relatively minor. Additionally while
> there is no current way to use CUDA on WSL, NVIDIA has apparently already
> started a limited test-release for WSL2.
> Currently, from the installation page it seems like Cygwin is the
> preferred method of installing petsc on windows but if it is this easy to
> get things up and running with WSL2 (and the above performance qualms are
> satisfied) then we should consider making it the default.

I agree with you. I think the hold-up was mostly that WSL was only
available on newer Windows distros. I think now enough time has
passed to reconsider this.



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