[petsc-dev] Meaning of PETSc matrices with zero rows but nonzero columns?

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> Thanks for the replies, everyone. It suppose is not actually that hard for
> me to handle these dimensions properly -- I just hadn't personally
> encountered or thought much about when such operations with empty matrices
> might arise, and was initially puzzled about what multiplication by an
> "empty" matrix even means. I think I see now why I need to put in the work
> to handle these cases properly. (Sure wish that MKL could just do it,
> though!)
Just FYI, this is how NumPy handles it:

In [1]: import numpy as np

In [2]: A = np.empty([3,0])

In [3]: B = np.empty([0,8])

In [4]: C = np.dot(A,B)

In [5]: C.shape

Out[5]: (3, 8)

If we do not follow these rules, it will bite us in the future.

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