[petsc-dev] Pause-for-approval Pipelines?

Scott Kruger kruger at txcorp.com
Thu Aug 27 18:04:04 CDT 2020

>> What's wrong with using the API to release the paused job instead of using it to start a fresh pipeline?
>    Generally I like to pass the Pipeline before making a PR. So the test on creating a new MR is annoying. Yes after the initial MR I might be able to release the paused job in lieu of starting pipelines fresh. It would be nice to send some pushes that don't trigger a pipeline start at all because I know I don't need one. Maybe that is possible, I'll need to investigate.

I agree with this, but this would require keying off of labels rather 
than just MR.
The new `rules:` keyword is supposed to be more flexible, but from the docs,
I can't tell that changing a label can launch an pipeline:


They do show examples of ignore WIP, but it looks like it applies to 

But going back to the original point, gitlab supports documentation only 

So, in the end, I can't tell if gitlab can do what we want or not.


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