[petsc-dev] Pause-for-approval Pipelines?

Scott Kruger kruger at txcorp.com
Thu Aug 27 13:57:56 CDT 2020

Does branch+master mean an automatic rebase?


On 8/27/20 10:59 AM, Satish Balay via petsc-dev wrote:
> BTW: here are some reasons for using the MR pipeline instead of the web interface pipeline.
> - it tests branch+master (more useful?) - instead of branch [web pipeline].
> - you can skip the forced re-bases that were required when CI changed [i.e even if your branch is off old master - the latest CI settings from latest master will get used by MR pipeline]
> - it enables testing of MRs from forks. [so the additional complexity of that workflow is now gone. Note: only developers can start these pipelines - from the pipeline tab on the MR web page]
> And as mentioned - developers can ignore this, and continue to start pipelines from the web interface.
> There is now some additional complexity in figuring out if the latest changes are tested [and by which pipeline, MR or web etc..] - but this part of the workflow should primarily affect integrator group.
> Satish
> On Thu, 27 Aug 2020, Satish Balay via petsc-dev wrote:
>> On Thu, 27 Aug 2020, Jacob Faibussowitsch wrote:
>>> Why does one pipeline request spawn two separate pipelines now? Specifically one is a normal pipeline whereas the other includes some sort of manual approval button which “runs” indefinitely if you don’t either cancel it or approve it.
>> The 2 pipelines you see are
>> - readdocs pipeline
>> - merge-pipeline - auto starts - does the pre stage and pauses.
>>> I think this was somewhat discussed in a previous MR (https://gitlab.com/petsc/petsc/-/merge_requests/3063 <https://gitlab.com/petsc/petsc/-/merge_requests/3063>) which indicates it is useful for doing a pipeline of the branch+destination but how is this different from the existing merge-train infrastructure that was already in place?
>> Its not a replacement for merge train.[merge train is a way to do the merge when the MR is tested and ready for merge]
>> However you can use this as a replacement for starting a new pipeline from the web interface https://gitlab.com/petsc/petsc/-/pipelines/new
>> [i.e instead of starting a web interface pipeline - you just go to the MR page - 'pipeline tab' and hit continue]
>> Or you can ignore this and continue to use the web interface.
>>> It is annoying to have to manually go in and cancel the phony pipeline every time (not to mention twice as many emails from gitlab notifying me the femtosecond these pipelines fail).
>> You shouldn't have to cancel the automatic MR pipeline. They should just stay paused.
>> And I don't remember getting e-mails from these stalled MR pipelines. Perhaps you got them because of pre-stage failures?
>> However if you have errors in pre stage tests - you might as well check and fix them.
>> The one thats causing most trouble is readdocs pipeline. Its probably best to disable it until its issues are resolved.
>> Satish

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