[petsc-dev] Users manual update

Patrick Sanan patrick.sanan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 02:14:55 CDT 2020

Hi all -

We're working on getting the users manual fully migrated to Sphinx, so we
can delete the pure-LaTeX version.

So far, we've done most of the groundwork to set things up using Sphinx and
ReadTheDocs, and to do some semi-automated conversion of the manual. Most
people will access the manual via docs.petsc.org, but Sphinx also allows
you to build a PDF (via LaTeX) of the docs, which we'll maintain so as to
have something citable.

Most sections of the manual have a big ugly warning asking for volunteers,
e.g. here: https://docs.petsc.org/en/latest/manual/mat/ . An expert reading
through any of the chapters will certainly find things they can fix or
remove as they go through. That said, the main objective for now is simply
to provide the existing content in a web-friendly way. The minimal task
mostly involves fixing references and tables (use list-table whenever

Probably the best example so far of good formatting is the SNES chapter
which Jed has been working on:

Regarding Sphinx, tips and useful conventions are being noted here:

(Note that for small docs changes like this, you can go to the ReadTheDocs
drop-down in the bottom right and click a link to directly edit on GitLab)
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