[petsc-dev] Use -Wshadow on pipelines?

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Sun Aug 9 21:12:00 CDT 2020


> On Aug 9, 2020, at 6:55 PM, Jacob Faibussowitsch <jacob.fai at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I discovered a rather obscure set of compiler flags -Wshadow, -Wshadow=local, -Wshadow=compatible-local while trying to track down a bug which warn about local redefinition of a variable. Out of curiosity I also recompiled petsc with this flag and lo and behold the src is littered with shadowed variables. From what I can tell most are likely harmless — defining an iterator variable in the beginning of the function with all the rest of the variables, then redefining it later in some loop — but maybe we should consider adding this as a CI flag as it isn’t activated by -Wall.
> Best regards,
> Jacob Faibussowitsch
> (Jacob Fai - booss - oh - vitch)
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