[petsc-dev] Suggestion regarding CI issues

Hapla Vaclav vaclav.hapla at erdw.ethz.ch
Wed Oct 23 04:13:16 CDT 2019

Issues related to CI testing often affect multiple independent MRs. There should be a single point where anybody can look whether it is already known or even already solved, to avoid duplicate discussions or even solutions.

There is already a special issue #360 "CI Error Tracker". So I suggest that the issues are either directly mentioned in this issue's discussion, or just mention it in related MRs and issues. If you put a message like "This is related to CI (#360)", your MR/issue then appears in #360 discussion automatically, which helps to track what's going on at the moment. For MRs, they are even automatically added to the Related merge requests list on top. Issues must be related explicitly to appear in Related issues, I think, which you can also consider.



BTW #360 could have some more useful description.

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