[petsc-dev] "participants" on gitlab

Fande Kong fdkong.jd at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 10:53:55 CDT 2019

I have these troubles as well. I know nothing about gitlab.

It would be great if we could have the same setting as we had in bitbucket


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> > How is the list of participants determined when a MR is created on
> gitlab? It seems to include everybody by default. Is there any way to
> shorten the list? Ideally only the participants involved in the particular
> MR should be picked. Note that currently there is a huge gap between the
> ''Participate'' and ''On mention'' levels in the notification settings.
> With the former, I get spammed with notifications whenever a new MR is
> created. With the later, I won’t receive any notification (even someone
> replied my comments) unless explicitly @ by someone.
>   If you make a MR and then on the right side slide over Notifications
> button do you not get all mail on the MR even if you don't do the
> Participate?  It seems for me it is slide over automatically.
>   We don't know GitLab any better than you so you could also google to
> find out how to handle this. I now have a bunch of mail filters that help
> me from getting useless crap about MR but still get more perhaps than I
> want. You may need to add mail filters also.
>    Barry
> >
> > Hong (Mr.)
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