[petsc-dev] Running test suite with valgrind

Patrick Sanan patrick.sanan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 09:27:39 CDT 2019

A service announcement, since I may have missed some memory leaks because of doing this wrong:

You can run the test suite with valgrind (as documented if you use `make -f gmakefile.test help-test`) with a command like

   VALGRIND=1 make -f gmakefile.test test globsearch="foo"

but any messages emitted by valgrind (which are directed to stderr) aren't directly visible. 

The error messages appear in the $PETSC_ARCH/tests tree, in the subdirectories corresponding to the individual tests. One way to find any non-empty error files would be

   find $PETSC_ARCH/tests -name *.err ! -size 0 

I suspect there are other ways to accomplish this, so please share if you have a better workflow.  In particular, I notice that in the nightly tests with valgrind, 
a different method (lib/petsc/bin/mpiexec -valgrind ?) is being used.
e.g. http://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/petsc/nightlylogs/archive/2019/08/19/examples_master_arch-linux-pkgs-valgrind_es.log <http://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/petsc/nightlylogs/archive/2019/08/19/examples_master_arch-linux-pkgs-valgrind_es.log>
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