[petsc-dev] test harness: output of actually executed command for V=1 gone?

Scott Kruger kruger at txcorp.com
Wed Oct 2 14:34:29 CDT 2019

In MR !2138 I have this target as show-fail  which I think is more 

config/report_tests.py -f
is what's done directly.

I made it such that one can copy and paste, but it might be too verbose.


On 9/20/19 8:53 PM, Jed Brown wrote:
> "Smith, Barry F." <bsmith at mcs.anl.gov> writes:
>>> Satish and Barry:  Do we need the Error codes or can I revert to previous functionality?
>>    I think it is important to display the error codes.
>>    How about displaying at the bottom how to run the broken tests? You already show how to run them with the test harness, you could also print how to run them directly? Better then mixing it up with the TAP output?
> How about a target for it?
> make -f gmakefile show-test search=abcd
> We already have print-test, which might more accurately be named ls-test.

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