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When this was written, I was convinced that Dursi was wrong about
everything because one of the key arguments against MPI was
fault-intolerance, which I was sure was going to be solved soon.  However,
LLNL has done everything in their power to torpedo MPI fault-tolerance in
MPI-4 for the past 3+ years and I am no longer optimistic about MPI's
ability to grow outside of traditional HPC because of the forum's inability
to take fault-tolerance seriously.  It's also unclear that we can get by
without it in a post-exascale world.


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>> https://lists.mpich.org/pipermail/devel/2015-April/000536.html
>> https://twitter.com/KpDooty/status/585763759777574912
>> Proposing, as replacements for MPI, systems with no successful libraries
>> is a strange hill to die on.  I'd like a system with more flexible
>> process management and better support/conventions for interactive
>> environments (where interrupts and programming bugs are common).  That
>> would help reduce impedance mismatch between MPI and the likes of Spark
>> and Dask.  Any discussion of such tools should include an explanation of
>> why MPI has been/is used by machine learning groups including Watson,
>> Baidu, Bing, and OpenAI.
> I wasted 30s skimming this. I should has used that to recognize the author
> as a member of the FLASH team before reading.
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