[petsc-dev] Is there a good reason that BuildSystem's cuda.py requires GNU compilers?

Mills, Richard Tran rtmills at anl.gov
Tue Mar 12 22:40:20 CDT 2019

Fellow PETSc developers,

If I try to configure PETSc with CUDA support on the ORNL Summit system using non-GNU compilers, I run into an error due to the following code in packages/cuda.py:

  def configureTypes(self):
    import config.setCompilers
    if not config.setCompilers.Configure.isGNU(self.setCompilers.CC, self.log):
      raise RuntimeError('Must use GNU compilers with CUDA')

Is this just because this code predates support for other host compilers with nvcc, or is there perhaps some more subtle reason that I, with my inexperience using CUDA, don't know about? I'm guessing that I just need to add support for using '-ccbin' appropriately to set the location of the non-GNU host compiler, but maybe there is something that I'm missing. I poked around in the petsc-dev mailing list archives and can find a few old threads on using non-GNU compilers, but I'm not sure what conclusions were reached.

Best regards,

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