[petsc-dev] What's the easiest route (for a beginner) to visualize a solution from a PETSc example?

Patrick Sanan patrick.sanan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 01:32:05 CDT 2019

This came up in the beginner's working group meeting. We all seemed to
agree that a very powerful thing for beginners is to be able to run a set
of well-defined instructions to go from 0 to being able to solve and
visualize a simple problem (I'm imagining a PDE on a 2D spatial domain).

PETSc itself isn't a visualization library, obviously, so there are many
ways to visualize data but most involve some external tools. We'd be
interested in opinions on what we should recommend to beginners, for
example one or more of:
- Dump binary, load into MATLAB/Octave/Python+numpy+matplotlib
- Dump something which Paraview and/or VisIt can open
- Use PETSc's native drawing (X window) capabilities
- Include custom script for the tutorials, say which requires libpng and
produces an image
- ASCII art
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