[petsc-dev] Is there any possibility to compile PETCs directly on Windows?

Xinghua Hao xinghua.fgsr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 20:02:01 CDT 2019

We used to install it within WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux)  and I just
transferred to a Docker container environment. It works pretty well on both
of this two. So I believe using any other kind of intermediate level(like
Cygwin) to simulate a Linux-like environment would do nothing better.

The only question(may sound a little stupid) I am still curious about is
that why can’t we directly compile PETCs on Windows? Since we write PETCs in
languages compilable cross-platform, this should not be where the problems
come from. So could you offer me some examples which show the PETCs is
heavily depended on Linux environment? Some high-level ideas or
instructions guiding me to look for them myself are also appreciated. What’s
more, is it possible for us to modify the source code to compile it
directly on Windows? Is it practical?

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