[petsc-dev] MATLMVM

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Tue Sep 11 14:21:48 CDT 2018

"Dener, Alp" <adener at anl.gov> writes:

> The two basic Broyden methods can indeed bet combined into one object
> easily, but that’s not as true for other subtypes. Mathematical
> formulations differ significantly between BFGS, DFP, symmetric Broyden
> and SR1 methods. They can be combined on paper, because they’re all
> symmetric Broyden-class of updates. However, doing so causes BFGS, DFP
> and SR1 to have inflated memory footprints and additional algebra
> operations that they don’t actually need. 

Can you explain further or give a reference?

> Eliminating those in a single object requires either a lot of ugly
> conditionals/switches, or playing with function pointers. Doing the
> latter basically gets us 99% of the way to separating them into
> different objects though, which is what the current implementation
> does.

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