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Tue Sep 11 08:47:48 CDT 2018

1 base type and 8 subtypes. If there’s a better convention/structure to do this in PETSc, I’d be happy to get a refactoring done ASAP this week so that it’s cleaner in the release.

Alp Dener
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On Sep 11, 2018, at 5:10 AM, Lisandro Dalcin <dalcinl at gmail.com<mailto:dalcinl at gmail.com>> wrote:

So now we have 9 new, top-level, public matrix types for LMVM... Really?

#define MATLMVM            "lmvm"
#define MATLMVMDFP         "lmvmdfp"
#define MATLMVMBFGS        "lmvmbfgs"
#define MATLMVMSR1         "lmvmsr1"
#define MATLMVMBRDN        "lmvmbrdn"
#define MATLMVMBADBRDN     "lmvmbadbrdn"
#define MATLMVMSYMBRDN     "lmvmsymbrdn"
#define MATLMVMSYMBADBRDN  "lmvmsymbadbrdn"
#define MATLMVMDIAGBRDN    "lmvmdiagbrdn"

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