[petsc-dev] Gathering information: types of interpolations in PETSc and which ones are supported?

Hapla Vaclav vaclav.hapla at erdw.ethz.ch
Sat Sep 1 16:37:16 CDT 2018

> 31. 8. 2018 v 22:23, Lawrence Mitchell <wencel at gmail.com>:
>> On 31 Aug 2018, at 20:52, Matthew Knepley <knepley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes. Unfortunately, the same word is used by topology people. I am willing to change this since very few people use it, when they do its
>> only used once, and its completely different. It refers to figuring out the edges and faces automatically in a mesh when you get only cells
>> and vertices. Better name?
> DMPlexCompleteToplogy?
> Lawrence

I totally agree that coexistence of DMInterpolate and DMPlexInterpolate which do something fundamentally different is confusing.

What about DMPlexInterpolateTopology (or DMPlexTopologyInterpolate?) - would still refer to "interpolation" if somebody is used to that and the same time more clearly distinguish from DMInterpolate. And as Matt says, it's usually used up to once per program so the longer name is not a pain.


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