[petsc-dev] Compiling PETsc against openblas on Linux

Antonio Trande anto.trande at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 12:16:22 CDT 2018

Hello everyone.

How to configure correctly PETsc compilation against OpenBLAS?

'openblas' libraries are


If i use

 --with-openblas=1 \
 --with-openblas-include=%{_includedir} \
 --with-openblas-lib=%{_libdir}/libopenblas.so \
 --known-64-bit-blas-indices=0 \

Configure fails with

TEST configureLibrary from
TESTING: configureLibrary from
              Checking for a functional openblas
              Not checking for library in User specified OPENBLAS
libraries: [] because no functions given to check for
TEST check from
TESTING: check from
  Checks that the library "libName" contains "funcs", and if it does
defines HAVE_LIB"libName"
       - libDir may be a list of directories
       - libName may be a list of library names
                  No functions to check for in library [] []
              Checking for headers User specified OPENBLAS libraries: []
**** Configure header /tmp/petsc-y1LlML/confdefs.h ****

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