[petsc-dev] DMCoarsenHookAdd in SNESSetUpMatrices

Stefano Zampini stefano.zampini at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 10:37:46 CDT 2017


Today I fought for several hours against a strange behaviour occuring when
reusing a TS for multiple solves. You can reproduce it by applying the
attached patch.

The issue is with DMCoarsenHookAdd called in SNESSetUpMatrices, and git
blames you ;-).

Every time you call TSGetRHSMats_Private, TSGetIJacobian gets called, which
in turns calls SNESSetUpMatrices, that adds the entry in the linked list of
hooks via DMCoarsenHookAdd. This causes a considerable slow down when using
the RHS interface with an implicit solver, as you can see from running the
patched code.

can you please take a look?
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