[petsc-dev] higher-order coordiate fields in DMPlex

Alberto Paganini Alberto.Paganini at maths.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jun 2 17:04:09 CDT 2017

Dear PETSc developers,

I'm Alberto and I'm a user of the finite element library Firedrake,
which relies on DMPlex to import meshes.

In order to use higher-order FEs, it is desirable to import higher-order meshes.

I've been told that DMPlex does not offer this future (at present).
I would be happy to contribute and add higher-order coordinate fields.
Would someone be interested in giving me some support?

I'm not the greatest programmer and I have (a limited) experience in C(++),
but I'm motivated and I have a certain knowledge of FEs (which might be relevant).


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