[petsc-dev] PETSc release?

Richard Tran Mills rtmills at anl.gov
Mon Jul 24 11:23:04 CDT 2017

On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 3:08 PM, Smith, Barry F. <bsmith at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:

>    Anything stopping us from making a PETSc release?
>    Barry
I'd really like to get my rmills/add-aijmkl branch in a form that can go
in. Should be able to have this ready for everyone's review in a day or two
(have a deadline for camera-ready copy for a conference paper today, so
maybe not today).

Not my branch, but I am wondering what Hong thinks his hongzh/add-ell-format
branch needs to be ready to go in, and if he could use some help from me or
anyone else on it. One thing I notice is that it looks like some of the
Intel intrinsics stuff in there needs some additional configure tests to
establish that that the correct AVX512 instructions are supported. I'd like
to add an option to use the same sort or row permutation used in AIJPERM to
eliminate the need for most explicit storage or zero elements.

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