[petsc-dev] petsc makefiles

Blaise A Bourdin bourdin at lsu.edu
Thu Jul 20 14:01:32 CDT 2017


Is there a way in petsc makefiles to figure out how to link a shared / dynamic library
i.e. if I want to know how to do 
	$CC -shared *.o lib.so
	$CC -dynamiclib *.o lib.dylib
what variable gives me the extension .so vs .dylib and the linker option -shared vs -dynamiclib

How about doing the same thing in BuildSystem (I need to build a shared library for exodus)?

Also, is there a way to know the family of compiler I am using (gnu vs intel vs something else)?
The long line fortran compiler options for fortran and ifort are of course different, and the default behavior opposite…


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