[petsc-dev] Get/Restore vs Create/Destroy

Blaise A Bourdin bourdin at lsu.edu
Thu Jul 20 08:25:55 CDT 2017


It’s always been my understanding that and pets object obtained by a XXXGetYYY had to be released with a matching XXXRestoreYYY, and that those created using XXXCreateYYY had to be destroyed with a YYYDestroy.

It seems that this convention is getting broken in several place. I understand that in several situations, this is because the XXXRestoreYYY would essentially do nothing.

Is it safe to assume that if a function XXXGetYYY does not have a matching XXXRestoreYYY, the instance of PetscYYY does not have to be destroyed in any way?
Is it safe to assume that any instance of a PetscYYY created from XXXCreateYYY can be safely destroyed with a YYYDestroy without side effects?

If so, should the offending functions be renamed or should something be explicitly added to their man page?


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