[petsc-dev] MatDuplicate documentation needs clarification

Richard Tran Mills rtmills at anl.gov
Wed Jul 19 14:59:57 CDT 2017


Looking at the MatDuplicate documentation, I think we could use some
clarification. For the second argument, what this currently says is

"*op *- either MAT_DO_NOT_COPY_VALUES or MAT_COPY_VALUES, cause it to copy
the numerical values in the matrix MAT_SHARE_NONZERO_PATTERN to share the
nonzero patterns with the previous matrix and not copy them."

What? Either A or B -- but C is also a possibility? That is not normal
English usage. Should it say something instead like

"*op* - If MAT_DO_NOT_COPY_VALUES, create an empty matrix using the same
nonzero pattern as the original matrix; if MAT_COPY_VALUES, copy the
numerical values in the matrix as well. If MAT_SHARE_NONZERO_PATTERN, then
both parent and child matrices will have the same nonzero pattern and share
the same index (I and J) arrays"

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