[petsc-dev] How to build SLEPc in release ?

Franck Houssen franck.houssen at inria.fr
Tue Jul 18 07:09:35 CDT 2017

How to build SLEPc in release ? Seems there is no option like "--with-debugging=0 --CFLAGS="-O3" ..." at configure time. Does SLEPc use PETSc's build options ? 


PS : running debian, gcc-6.4, slepc-dev (bitbucket clone) 

>> ./configure --help 
SLEPc Configure Help 
--with-clean=<bool> : Delete prior build files including externalpackages 
--with-cmake=<bool> : Enable builds with CMake (disabled by default) 
--prefix=<dir> : Specify location to install SLEPc (e.g., /usr/local) 
--DATAFILESPATH=<dir> : Specify location of datafiles (for SLEPc developers) 
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