[petsc-dev] Provide access to the block interpolation for HYPRE

Delyan Kalchev delyank at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:36:28 CST 2017


I would like to suggest a small modification in  petsc / src / ksp / pc /
impls / hypre / hypre.c

Namely, the lines

static const char *HYPREBoomerAMGInterpType[]  = {"classical", "", "",
"direct", "multipass", "multipass-wts", "ext+i",
                           "ext+i-cc", "standard", "standard-wts", "",
"", "FF", "FF1"};

to be modified to (something like)

static const char *HYPREBoomerAMGInterpType[]  = {"classical", "", "",
"direct", "multipass", "multipass-wts", "ext+i",
                           "ext+i-cc", "standard", "standard-wts",
"block", "block-wtd", "FF", "FF1"};

This gives access to block interpolation available in HYPRE. It is
beneficial with nodal AMG for systems.
Without this option it seems that only the "coarse mesh" can be
constructed in a nodal fashion but not the interpolation.

A full nodal would need an interpolation between the nodes (which
appear as blocks in the matrix)

Thank you!


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