[petsc-dev] next tests, absoft and ifc

Scott Kruger kruger at txcorp.com
Thu Apr 13 17:51:23 CDT 2017

This was fixed awhile ago and folded into the altfiles pull request, and 
even at one point had a cherry-picked merge into one of Matt's pull 
requests (it's a single line in config/testparse.py).

I am catching up after some vacation time and don't know the status of 
the altfiles merge.  I thought I had resolved all of the issues Satish 
raised, but it's still open so there must be something...


On 4/13/17 10:29 AM, Tobin Isaac wrote:
> Hi Satish,
> I'm working to get all of our dm tests to pass in next.  We have a lot
> of output that comes from "::ascii_info_detail" being passed to
> DMViewFromOptions().  On two builds, linux-gcc-absoft_churn and
> linux-gcc-ifc-cmplx_crank, it looks the viewer format is being ignored
> and short output is being generated instead.
> I can't reproduce this behavior on my machine, but I notice that there
> are no diff errors in the few instances where
> "ascii::ascii_info_detail" is given instead.
> Could you please run on those two next builds
>     PETSC_OPTIONS="-options_view" make -f gmakefile dm_impls_plex_tests-runex5_0
> to see if somehow keys starting with colons are not being parsed
> correctly?
> Thanks,
>   Toby

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