[petsc-dev] Hijacked MPI calls...

Eric Chamberland Eric.Chamberland at giref.ulaval.ca
Mon Sep 12 21:45:02 CDT 2016

Le 2016-09-12 à 17:32, Satish Balay a écrit :
> Do you get these warnings with PETSc library build aswell?
I can't tell since I didn't tried to build PETSc with clang...
> The logging code tries to log all messages in library and in
> application - and prints a summary with -info.
> You can disable logging in your build with configure option: --with-log=0
> Or you can define the PETSC_HAVE_BROKEN_RECURSIVE_MACRO in your
> code/compile - and the wrappers will be skipped..
ok, so these may be good workaround for me to keep -Wcomma activated on 
our "push server" that filters incoming commits...



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