[petsc-dev] DMCreateDomainDecomposition in NASM

Lawrence Mitchell lawrence.mitchell at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jul 19 03:29:54 CDT 2016

I presume this is in response to my email to the petsc-dev list about
DMCreateDomainDecomposition.  I have cc'd petsc-dev back in.

On 18/07/16 18:35, Lulu Liu wrote:
> Hi,
> DMCreateDomainDecomposition() is called in src/snes/impls/nasm/nasm.c,
> and nasm->n always equals to 1. Could you fixed this problem in PETSc?
> Thanks!

Not being a core petsc developer, I cannot do this directly.  Also, It
seems to me that your DM is returning the wrong number of subdomains
from DMCreateDomainDecomposition.  If you're using a DMDA, I think you
need to call DMDASetNumLocalSubdomains.  If you're using a DMPlex,
then this functionality is not currently implemented, I believe.



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