[petsc-dev] Configure fails on macOS with MKL

Pierre Jolivet pierre.jolivet at enseeiht.fr
Wed Dec 21 08:39:11 CST 2016

There are some issues when using (most recent versions of) the MKL on macOS:
1) the correct path to libmkl_*.dylib is now $MKLROOT/lib/, but this is not taken into account by the build system

diff --git a/config/BuildSystem/config/packages/BlasLapack.py b/config/BuildSystem/config/packages/BlasLapack.py
index 43597e2..017ed12 100644
--- a/config/BuildSystem/config/packages/BlasLapack.py
+++ b/config/BuildSystem/config/packages/BlasLapack.py
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ class Configure(config.package.Package):
       if useCPardiso or usePardiso:
         self.logPrintBox('BLASLAPACK: Looking for Multithreaded MKL for C/Pardiso')
-        for libdir in [os.path.join('lib','64'),os.path.join('lib','ia64'),os.path.join('lib','em64t'),os.path.join('lib','intel64'),'64','ia64','em64t','intel64',
+        for libdir in [os.path.join('lib','64'),os.path.join('lib','ia64'),os.path.join('lib','em64t'),os.path.join('lib','intel64'),'64','ia64','em64t','lib','intel64',
           if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dir,libdir)):
             self.logPrint('MKL Path not found.. skipping: '+os.path.join(dir,libdir))

2) Once this is fixed, it is assumed that libiomp5.dylib is in the same folder as libmkl_intel_thread.dylib (which is wrong), or at least visible to the linker. Thus, the configure will fail because it can’t find libiomp5.dylib, unless explicitly using —CXX=icpc and —CC=icc, or —LDFLAGS=-L${PATH_TO_LIBIOMP5}

I don’t know if you care enough to fix this (I’m guessing there aren’t that many macOS users compiling PETSc with MKL support but without the Intel compilers), but just in case… 

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