[petsc-dev] configure problem

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Wed Aug 31 08:36:09 CDT 2016

I am not getting my COPTFLAGS to get used. This is what I use and I see
them in the log but they do not seem to make it to the compile line.

  configure_options = [
    'COPTFLAGS=-g -O3 -fp-model fast -xMIC-AVX512 -qopt-report=5
-DX2_HAVE_INTEL -dynamic',
    'CXXOPTFLAGS=-g -O3 -fp-model fast -xMIC-AVX512 -qopt-report=5
-DX2_HAVE_INTEL -dynamic',
    'FOPTFLAGS=-g -O3 -fp-model fast -xMIC-AVX512 -qopt-report=5
-DX2_HAVE_INTEL -dynamic',
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