[petsc-dev] status of Netcdf in PETSc

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Aug 27 08:54:30 CDT 2016

#define PETSCVIEWERNETCDF 'netcdf'

#define PETSCVIEWERNETCDF       "netcdf"

PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PetscViewerNetcdfOpen(MPI_Comm,const char[],PetscFileMode,PetscViewer*);
PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PetscViewerNetcdfGetID(PetscViewer, int *);

        <li>Added new viewer_type PETSC_VIEWER_NETCDF, PETSC_VIEWER_HDF4</li>
        <li>PETSc error handlers now trap many more signals.</li>

.  viewer - the PetscViewer; must be a binary, MATLAB, hdf, or netcdf PetscViewer

PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PetscViewerCreate_Netcdf(PetscViewer);

PETSC_INTERN PetscErrorCode VecView_MPI_Netcdf(Vec,PetscViewer);

But that is all. So someone must have removed Netcdf support be left a few crumbs around?


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