[petsc-dev] coding style

Munson, Todd tmunson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Aug 19 11:33:27 CDT 2016

>> Please do. I’m interested in contributing methods to TAO because I like using PETSc, it seems like the most expedient way to get a solver my project can use with features we need, and I have great respect for the software you guys put out. If there is anything I can do to expedite this process, e.g., things I should read/practice, let me know.
> Now that I am back on TAO development "full time," I should eventually
> get notified to do code reviews for TAO related requests and respond
> to them quickly.  I will figure out how to look at your pull request 
> tomorrow though.

I'm going through the comments.  The Hessian comment in particular.  For
constrained problems, it raises the issue of the number of multipliers
again and defining a Hessian of the Lagrangian that works for both
interior-point methods and active-set methods.

I think we can get by with one multiplier vector for the equality and
inequality constraints, regardless of whether or not they are ranges.
The solver just needs to assemble the appropriate values.

I'll work on a branch that adds the arguments to the Hessian routine
and documents that this is the Hessian of the Lagrangian and not
simply the Hessian of the objective function.


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