[petsc-dev] Mac OS X El Capitan does not propagate DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH from parent process

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Wed Oct 7 16:12:12 CDT 2015

"Andrs, David" <david.andrs at inl.gov> writes:
> If we are trying to build PETSc (and I do not know how you guys are testing
> that the complier works), it fails, because the build system no longer sees
> the environment variable, because El Capitan removes that from the
> environment of the child processes.

Well, it's removing DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH from the environment of child
processes that it perceives as "scripts", but not from the environment
of normal programs (like clang, Satish's example C program, etc.).  This
seems like a comically ill-conceived idea that offers no practical
security benefit, but I'd like to understand the intended semantics so
that we can give clean instructions for working around it.
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