[petsc-dev] petsc branching methodology?

JR Cary cary at txcorp.com
Mon Nov 2 20:01:24 CST 2015

Thanks, Jed.

Just in case anyone has any thoughts, ideas, experience along this 

We have multiple internal library projects, lib1, lib2,...., and then
multiple applications, app1, app2, app3, all in different repos, and we
are trying to come up with a branching/merging strategy that gives the
best compromise between stability and agility.


On 11/2/15 2:54 PM, Jed Brown wrote:
> JR Cary <cary at txcorp.com> writes:
>> Oh.  Good thing that workflow is called "simplified" or
>> I might not have known!
> ;-)
> gitworkflows(7) also discusses a true throw-away branch called "pu"
> (proposed updates) that is convenient for some projects, but difficult
> to manage with decentralized integration (multiple integrators versus a
> single integrator at the top) and complicated to explain to
> user/developers wondering what branch to use if they want to try the
> bleeding edge.

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