[petsc-dev] Errors with DM & PCSHELL

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Fri May 29 10:32:30 CDT 2015

I am getting errors in code that I thought was working ...

I create a PC shell like so:

  ! set shell PC
  call SNESGetKSP(solver%snes,innerksp,ierr)
  call KSPGetPC(innerksp,spc,ierr)
  call PCSetType(spc,PCSHELL,ierr) ! overriding opions !!!
  call PCShellSetApply(spc,PCShermanMorrisonApply,ierr)
  call PCSetApplicationContext(spc,solver,ierr)

and in PCShermanMorrisonApply I have:

  call PCGetApplicationContext(pc,solver,ierr)
  call PCFieldSplitGetSubKSP(solver%pc,PETSC_NULL_INTEGER,subksp,ierr)
  call KSPSolve(subksp(1),Xsub(1),Ysub(1),ierr)
  call MatMult(solver%Cmat,Ysub(1),Xsub(2),ierr) ! ignoring <> input

I get an error on this last statement about a vector being locked.  There
does not seem to be:

call DMCompositeGetAccessArrayRead( ...

I thought I fixed this problem ... or at least one like it.

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