[petsc-dev] Adding VecErrorNormWRMS()

Emil Constantinescu emconsta at mcs.anl.gov
Fri May 1 10:42:04 CDT 2015

On 5/1/15 10:14 AM, Jed Brown wrote:
> "Abhyankar, Shrirang G." <abhyshr at anl.gov> writes:
>> Thanks Jed, I didn't think about that. It certainly seems cleaner to
>> just set the entries of vatol to infinity rather than creating index
>> sets.
> So can we delete the IS stuff before it goes into the upcoming release
> and someone starts depending on it?

I think we can remove it but we need to let the users know they need to 
set up ts_?tol accordingly - perhaps in TSSetTolerances(). I liked IS 
because it was explicit for the users, but I agree it's probably an 
unnecessary overhead. The other reason I liked it -- that probably has 
an obvious workaround which eludes me at the moment -- was that one can 
control the diff var tolerance from the command line (specify the scalar 
tol) because one cannot control individual components from the command 
line, right?


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