[petsc-dev] [GPU] Cusp default configuration is broken

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Jul 24 09:28:13 CDT 2015

Hi Massimiliano,

 > I came across this [alleged] bug when installing petsc with GPU support:
> if I run configure with option –with-cusp-include=… it complains I
> should also set –with-cusp-lib, but cusp is a pure template library, so
> there is no static or shared library to link against.

Correct. The sample file in config/examples/arch-cuda-double.py uses 
--with-cusp-dir for exactly that reason.

> As an alternative, it offers to specify –with-cusp-dir=CUSP_DIR , and
> then it tries to guess the include directory as $CUSP_DIR/include, which
> is wrong as in current CUSP version the directory containing the headers
> is $CUSP_DIR/cusp.
> An easy workaround is to go to $CUSP_DIR and create a symbolic link
> $CUSP_DIR/include that points to $CUSP_DIR/cusp, but I think the
> configure script should be corrected [one might not always have
> permission to create this link.

Thanks for the feedback, I will look into this. We have other libraries 
in use which use a similar folder organization as CUSP, so I suspect 
something system-specific. Could you send us configure.log for the case 
where you configure using –with-cusp-dir=CUSP_DIR?

Thanks and best regards,

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