[petsc-dev] [SLEPc - GPU] Problems running SLEPc on GPUs

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> As you can seen in section 8.3 of SLEPc’s users manual, the command-line
> example adds -bv_type vecs, otherwise you get this error. In the short term
> we plan to add GPU support for the default BV, but for the moment you
> have to use this BV type.
> We would be interested in knowing how this works for you, send feedback
> to slepc-maint.
> Thanks.
> Jose

Great, apologies for not going through the SLEPc manual first, I thought I was fine with PETSc's.
Anyway, I just run the same test and I got a neat, out-of-the-box 3x speedup compared to the single processor version [NVIDIA Tesla C2070 vs Intel Xeon X5650].

I will go through more extensive testing if we decide to continue using PETSc-SLEPc.

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