[petsc-dev] on implementing a new PetscViewer

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Fri Jul 17 18:58:35 CDT 2015

Marco Zocca <zocca.marco at gmail.com> writes:
> (so: no need for copying data back to memory, during normal operation
> of the library)


> I was asking about the Viewer for e.g. Vecs and Mats to hook up e.g.
> with plotting functionality on the Hs side, but since this would be
> needed "offline", I might just dump to file and load from there.

How do you intend to plot matrices (linear operators, not arrays of

For vectors, you might as well access the array via VecGetArrayRead
(managed via a withVec* construct in Haskell).
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