[petsc-dev] tao and complex numbers

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 13:09:18 CST 2015

>    Maybe tao.h can signal an error on complex only when used for anything BUT the tao/interface. Then you can build your part but users trying to use it will get a very helpful error message.

IOW, are you proposing to add a preprocessor define to control the
erroring of #include <tao.h> ? That should definitely work. We can
silent the error to build tao/interface and petsc4py by #defining
something, but in user code you get an #error, something like

// file: include/petsctao.h
#ifndef __TAO_H
#define __TAO_H

#if defined(PETSC_USE_COMPLEX)
#if !defined(PETSC_TAO_INTERFACE) /*or whatever name you like */
# error "TAO not supported for complex scalars"

.... rest of tao.h


This way, we build tao/interface and petsc4py sources with

#include "petsc.h"
#include "tao.h"

PS: Of course, you need to fix petsc.h to not include petsctao.h for
complex builds.

I'm fine with an approach like this one, so go ahead.

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